How to Choose the Best Personal Finance Books

If you walk into a bookshop today and go to the personal finance section, you can literally find hundreds of personal finance books on sale, each offering their tips and tricks to resolving financial dilemmas. And that’s only at the bookshop. If you go to Amazon, you will find thousands upon thousands. You are obviously spoiled for choice. So then how do you choose? This article will go through criteria which you can use to choose the best possible personal finance books.

1. The first time you go to Amazon or a bookshop to look for a book, do not purchase anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s on sale at half-price, do not buy anything. Just look at titles and authors and jot down the ones you find interesting.

2. Following this, research information on the titles and authors you have jotted down on a paper. In particular, find what reviewers have been saying about each book. You can find such critiques on sites such as Wikipedia. In addition, research the biography of the authors and see what they have done to make them authorities on the subject. You certainly don’t want to purchase a personal finance book from an author that has not been particularly financially successful themselves.

3. Ask friends or go to forums to see what others think about each book and author. It’s no coincidence that the best-selling books are the ones that spread the most by word-of-mouth. If a personal finance book was indeed excellent, it would be flying off the shelves and all your friends would be talking to you about it.

As you can see, by simply using the above criteria you can increase your chances of buying the most outstanding and helpful personal finance books.

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